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UX Writer | Product Designer

Monday Rewards

recognize, praise and appreciate.

In July 2020, I decided to navigate through the UX challenge presented by I partnered with a developer and product designer to take on this one month challenge. I was primarily responsible for UX writing, participated in the ideation process and design sprint.

A bit of background is a project management tool that helps teams to manage tasks, projects and the overall effectiveness of daily work through fully customizable features like integrations, automation, widgets, boards and dashboards.

Main Requirements for the Challenge: Build a new Monday App for the marketplace that allows teams to improve collaboration, communication, teamwork, or simply make daily work a little more joyful for 100,000 teams that use

So, what's Monday Rewards?

Nothing stimulates creativity like a good challenge with constraints.

After the ideation process and the design sprint, we came up with Monday Rewards. An employee recognition system designed to express appreciation for employees' contributions within your team and organization. Our app has been designed to encourage and incentivize team building, give accolades, celebrate failures, and so much more. We believe everyone in an organization should recognize each other’s hard work and efforts while having fun!

Our goal was to create a transparency between the management and teams, by showing empathy to the user and celebrate their achievements together through friendly language.

Many companies strive to have a rich culture in their organization, but most leaders don’t have time to track their employees' good deeds by witnessing and recognizing their efforts, whether remotely or in the office. With Monday Rewards, team members can praise, recognize, and celebrate failures and successes with each other, anytime and anywhere. However, this isn’t just a top-down system between managers and those who report into them - it’s about everyone! Managers are people and want some appreciation too! It’s a 360-degree style of recognition which we believe builds empathy and transparency between everyone in the company while forging fun and meaningful relationships as well.

My role

I was responsible for the UX writing component of the design, such as a microcopy for tooltips and notification messages for badges/trophies using the down-to-earth language. 

Monday Rewards Dashboard

Monday Rewards Dashboard

Intuitive Path & Delightful Experience

As outlined in the Design Principles of, the intuitive path is achieved through gradual discovery and orientation.

"Give” the user the right feature at the right time...Users always need to know where they came from, where they are going, and how to get back.

When it came to UX writing the core element of design principles focused on down to earth language.

Show respect for users' experience and attention through thoughtful and elegant craftsmanship.

Terminology Document

Terminology Document

Process & Terminology

Each badge and trophy is unlocked or given under a specific set of guidelines.

For example, The Night Owl is under the accolade category and is worth 1 XP points.

It unlocks when: Someone pulls an all-nighter to complete a project

How it unlocks: When an item is changed from 'In Progress' to 'Complete' between 3 am-5 am on the platform.


Use tooltip to help people to assist users with additional information on elements on components in the system (excerpt from Design Principles of

When the user hovers over The Night Owl Badge icon, a tooltip appears with the message: "Earned by pulling an 'all-nighter' on a project"

The Night Owl Badge Tooltip

The Night Owl Badge Tooltip

The Night Owl Modal

Title: Badge Unlocked!

Body Text: You pulled an owl-nighter and unlocked the Night Owl badge!

CTA: View Rewards

The Night Owl Badge Modal

The Night Owl Badge Modal

All the trophy/ badge icons in unlocked and locked state

All the trophy/ badge icons in unlocked and locked state

Notifications & Tooltips
Badges & Trophies
cups of coffee

Decision & Final Thought

We competed against 1600+ participants from over 20 countries to build an app for the app marketplace. We won in the "Most Creative" category.

Throughout the challenge, we created 67 badges and trophies but not all made to the final version due to time constraints. We had to prioritize which badges and trophies should be part of this MVP. Although we had variety such as Most Creative, Most Analytical, Best Idea, Most Likes and many more that shaped the overall team culture and recognition system. We chose based on the core value it would bring to the platform which is to retain and onboard new teams, as opposed to having fun features on a stand-alone app. 

I’m glad I had an opportunity to write tooltips and notifications for our rewards system. Our app idea heavily focused on celebrating achievements, successes and failures with the user in a friendly and empathetic way- which I enjoyed writing for. I’m satisfied with our product’s outcome and believe it will provide value to the teams.

Copywriting for Monday Rewards App

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